What the Hell Winter?!

You came so dark, so cold, and so fast. With daylight done at 4:30 and morning only coming at 8:30 you send nothing to open my eyes. I have no desire to move my covers and not enough socks to warm my feet before they touch the floor. To start one of your days I need caffeine, threats, or a swift kick in the ass.  And if I do make it out I must have layers. Oh the layers! Layers of pants, layers of shirts, layers of caps, and socks, jackets,  and gloves; one for the rain, one for the wind, and one for the heat I am desperate to trap against my body. Winter you evil bitch, you hide behind Christmas and the colorful ornaments. The lights on the trees are warm but you my dear are not. And that you come at the end of the year makes my heart droop. To reflect and recall the year behind while looking at sad empty trees and quiet empty streets I only can think of the loss, of the failure, of the missed opportunity, or of the shoulda, woulda, and coulda. 
I know you are not permanent. I know you are not that strong to break me. I know Christmas is about beauty and love and peace and cookies. I know the lights and ornaments undo your wicked curse. I know music and cinnamon; family and friend families lift me up.  I respect the importance of reflection and I know I have had more gains, more wins, more adventures, more lessons learned, and more friends found than you or I could have imagined. I know love and hugs and puppy licks bring smiles and you my friend will end. The trees will bloom green again, people will leave there houses again, and I will wake before lunch-soon.  All of these things will happen in spite of you. 
F@*K you Winter.