"But I Don't Want To Get Bulky."

Trainer: You should do weights.

Female client: But I don’t want to get bulky.

Trainer: You will not get bulky, trust me.

Have you heard this before? It’s still true.

Please believe me when I tell you, You Will Not Accidentally Look Like a Female Body Builder If You Do Weights! Those women train very hard and in a very specific way to get that appearance.  

What weight lifting will do for you is increase your muscle, which will make your body more efficient at using energy. It will not be as inclined to hold onto your pockets of fat and with the proper diet (this means nutrition) your body will learn to burn calories all day long, even during your sleep, not just when exercising.  

I was at the gym last night and I found it interesting that, much like in the United States, most of the women were doing cardio and most men were doing weights.

 Ladies, please find a trainer and learn how to feel comfortable with the weights! Not just the 3kilo weights either. You’re tough, pick up a real weight. I understand that the boys tend to leave their stuff all over, grunt, smell, and generally invite you to leave but when did you ever let that stop you? It is your gym too so ask a trainer for help to get you started.

You wouldn’t waste time standing in line if you could just go online so why do you waste time on the treadmill when you could just lift?


Meggan Sullivan