Checking The Scale...and Other Bad Ideas

With the Holiday Season here all of your fitness and wellness goals are put on the back burner to make room for gift giving, cooking, eating, writing cards, and throwing parties. I do not recommend looking at the scale during a normal season let alone the Holiday Season. Take the batteries out of the scale and put it in the closet until February, at the earliest.

The scale measures your weight. That is how much mass your bones, water, organs, pee, excrement, muscles, and fat weigh. It is no indication of how fit, healthy, or fat you are. You know the month of December will be difficult so there is no benefit to tracking just how bad you should feel. Instead, do your best.

Enjoy the season, your family, the special treats, and do only what adds love to your life. Everything else is non-essential and the world will continue to spin tomorrow regardless of when cards get mailed, how gifts get wrapped, if cookies get baked, and when your pants get snug.

If you are someone that must have a measurement in order to be motivated then do Body Fat Testing. It measures the body fat you are carrying. Not the weight of your bones and organs but what we all obsess about, fat. If you are someone that needs a kick in the behind then look at your body fat...but ignore that pesky scale.

I will be doing Body Fat Testing at Basic Fit Ladies Gym Europaboulevard this Saturday. From 9-13:00 I will be there to answer questions about fitness and wellness. All tools of measurement should be taken with a grain of salt. Only do Body Fat Testing if you are someone motivated by this or if you are just looking for a point of reference to start tracking your progress.