Exercise And Cancer

The link between exercise and cancer prevention has been documented and known for some time. But the idea of exercising during and immediately following cancer treatment is fairly new.  

 Just like when you are well exercise can give you more energy.  I don’t recommend doing a full hour session like well patients do but a 30 minute session several times a week, even when you don’t want to, can actually make you feel more energetic the rest of the time.

Exercising during a stressful time will help to alleviate some of the fear, anxiety, frustration, and anger that you might be feeling. Exercise gives those negative feelings a way out of your system. And the benefit of being tired after a workout is better sleep. 

Many cancer treatments wreak havoc on your system; loss of strength, loss of muscle mass, loss of bone density, and loss of balance to name a few. By continuing an exercise routine during treatment you can minimize the deterioration. You will be able to get back to a strong and confident self sooner.

Now when it comes to exercise after cancer you have to remain consistent. One of the side effects of many post cancer drugs is weight gain. And one of the leading causes of breast cancer reoccurrence is weight gain. While doctors or pharmacists will mention a need to keep weight under control they do not necessarily communicate the importance of keeping the weight away. I can imagine after you have been sick, not eating, stuck in the house or hospital, and not spending time with your friends that once in remission you will long to eat, socialize, and enjoy your new lease on life. But a sprint to embrace life may be the very danger that lands you back in the hospital.

As your health improves so should your frequency and duration of sessions. Not only does this keep you from gaining unnecessary weight but it also gives you a feeling of confidence, strength, and control. After fighting cancer you will love the feeling of increasing the weights, sweating your way up a hill, seeing how far you can go, and reintroducing yourself to this new body, this body that kicked cancer’s ass!