I Was Confusing Anxiety For Hunger

How do you know when you are hungry? What are the physical feelings going through your body to tell you it’s time to eat? I thought I knew the answer to this question. But after doing a 3 day honey fast I realized my relationship with hunger was not what I thought.

In college I had terrible eating habits. I worked full time and went to school full time. I partied and exercised a lot, it’s all about balance people. I didn’t spend much time preparing food or planning ahead. I was lazy too, so sometimes I didn’t eat. It got to be a bad habit. My body eventually got tired of this and if I waited too long to eat I would get sick. It was a very bad cycle and it took my mom getting involved to get me back on track.  Ever since then there has been this slight fear of falling back into that habit of waiting too long to eat.

While doing this fast I realized that long before I was actually hungry there was this physical feeling of needing to eat. It occurred to me, like a light bulb over my head, that I have been confusing anxiety with hunger.  For the last 15 years most of the times I thought I was hungry it was actually my subconscious getting nervous about being hungry and triggering a need for food when my body wasn’t actually ready.

Since becoming a Personal Trainer, I firmly believe in the philosophy of eating every 3-4 hours in order to keep your metabolism active. However, my portions were always based on how hungry I was. It wasn’t until I actually started paying attention to the physical difference between hunger and anxiety that I was able to adjust my portions in a helpful and successful way.

The next time you think you are hungry STOP, FEEL, and THINK. Is this actually hunger or something else? A lot of people suffer from emotional eating. Maybe your hunger is actually stress, thirst, loneliness, or boredom….or maybe you are hungry and need to eat. I’m just saying think about it next time and really clarify what is going on.