I Was Down... But I Am Not Out.

Whew! What a week. Last week was my birthday, my dear friends were married in Heiloo, and I found out my sweet Grandmother is dying. I think I went to the gym twice and only to work, not to exercise. I slept terribly for six nights in a row, I drank more alcohol than usual, I enjoyed 3 cakes, and at one point I realized I had not eaten a vegetable in four days.

I had a fantastic time celebrating my birthday and the wedding of people I love. I ate every cake and drank every glass of yumminess with gusto and pleasure. I ate pizza, BBQ chicken, croissants, and pasta with enjoyment and among friends. This is my life sometimes. These slips and falls happen to all of us despite our best intentions. I could have done without the lack of sleep and bad news about grandma but this is life and I choose to live it.

However, now that I am home, and after a quick visit to the grocery store, I am getting back on track. I wasted no time wondering if I should not enjoy my weekend, nor did I waste any time regretting having done so. Yesterday I went to the gym and did a great leg workout. I cycled for the first time in almost a week and I ate only veggies for dinner last night.

I was down for a few days but I was never out. I got back on track as soon as it was practical to do so. In two weeks I will notice the fun and excess of last week but when I wonder why the scale has gone up or my pants are a little tight I will look at my calendar and remember this week. I will remember the new people I met, the ones I liked and the ones I didn’t. I will recall the letter I wrote to my Grandmother so that she would know, before it was too late, how much she means to me. I will remember the generosity and love of the people in my life. 

This is life and a few spills here and there means you are living it…Well done! What is important is that you do not let setbacks discourage you or berate you. You do not let imperfect days or weeks cancel all the good efforts.

“Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”