Is 8 Hours All I Get?

Back in the day the workday was decided by the sun. As technology and manufacturing developed the workday was decided by the boss. It wasn’t until 1926, and after countless protests, that Ford invented the 40 hour work week. “Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, eight hours for what we will.” This idea of working 8 hours a day came from a need for safer and more competent workers while still getting the maximum amount of work out of them. 

In our Grandparents time a company would look after you and your family in times of need. There were health insurance and education costs that were covered by employers. There would be a pension waiting for those who stayed and gave decades of hard work to the office. Employers took care of their employees. 

But this is no longer our Grandparents time. Companies are as quick to move you along as you are to seek out something more satisfying, challenging, fair, or rewarding. Work today is about paying the bills and trying your best to save and prepare for an unknown future. So why do we still give 8 hours, or more, of the day to a company that isn’t interested in us in times of need and struggle? Why do we give 8 hours, or more, to a company that offers no security for our future?

I don’t know about you but it is challenging for me to get 8 hours of rest in a row. Just because I’m in bed for 8 hours does not mean I am rested when the alarm goes off. Only 8 hours at the office? Yeah right! Early mornings and late nights, sometimes weekends and holidays are expected these days. And 8 hours of living time per day isn’t a lot when you calculate commuting to and from work, doing laundry, buying and prepping food, brushing your teeth, etc. So how much of my day is really for me? How much of my day is for what I will?

If you are in any position to clock-in and clock-out on time start doing it! The work will be there the next day but your health and attitude make you more productive than any extra hours of work. On those days when you are rested and happy don’t you find that you get more done? Don’t you find that on those days when you are relaxed and not worrying that you are more patient and creative?

If you are in any position to clock-in and clock-out on time start doing it! (Yes, I know I repeated this sentence.) Life is short and you are important and until companies start putting money aside for you, covering staggering healthcare costs, and giving a shit about your wellbeing- take care of yourself.

Eat right, exercise, sleep well, love yourself and others, and take care of your mental health before giving at the office.