Is Everyone Sick And Tired?

I have been taking ginger shots regularly since before Thanksgiving, sleeping when I am tired, washing my hands often, and have been eating healthy- in between holidays. Overall I am very impressed that I have yet to be sick this season. But everyone around me does not seem to be doing as well. So many clients, and their partners, have been sick and so many have been complaining of low energy.

It’s important to realize two things. One, when you are sick it is your body’s way of telling you to slow the hell down! The second, your body was created to survive the winter and evolution has not yet adapted to indoor heating and readily available food.

 Sometimes we ignore signs for so long the body just says enough and gets a cold. Your immune system can only do so much on its own. The rest of the time you need sleep, reduced stress, nutrition, and exercise.  Especially after the holidays your body needs this opportunity to relax. Getting injured or sick should be a huge red flag that what you have been doing is not good, especially when you see your illness lingering. Stop what you are doing and take care of sickness first. Do not take your body for granted.

Plus, it’s winter! We haven't seen the sun much, the days are shorter, it's freezing outside, there is more atmospheric pressure, and from an evolutionary point of view this is the time for hibernation. The cold weather requires more energy to stay warm. The body uses this time of year to pack on a few pounds, hunker down and wait for spring. It is not uncommon for your body to switch to low battery mode as a way of reserving your energy and regenerating. The body needs this time to recover and prepare for the spring when you will be more active.

Please do yourself a favor and allow this time of year to be about self-care. Allow this time to be about learning from your past mistakes. Eat healthy foods, sleep when you are tired, and listen to what your body is telling you. Just because you can survive on junk food and 5 hours of sleep does not mean you should… and it certainly does not mean that you will for very long.