Making My Dreams Come True

This year I was encouraged to put into action something I had been dreaming about for a while. And this summer I turned my fantasy into reality. It was scary. I had fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of embarrassment, and a fear of never seeing my dream come true. It took a lot of faith, surrounding myself with mentors, and a lot of hard work and research. But I did it! I created PROJECT FEEL GOOD.

Part of what I have been doing as a Personal Trainer for the past 11 years is helping people navigate the things in their lives that keep them from being successful. Whether its success in fitness goals, strength in relationships, self-confidence, or success in their careers. Being a Personal Trainer often feels like you are more than a coach. Helping people remove stumbling blocks and overcome difficulty is a lot of what we do. Ask any good trainer and they will tell you that 50% of what we do is listening.

PROJECT FEEL GOOD was a chance to work solely on this aspect of Personal Training. I call it Personal Training for the Spirit. Not everyone is ready for a Personal Trainer in the gym. Not everyone needs to know how to lift weights and build a workout. Sometimes you need to work on the inside before you can change the outside. And sometimes you want to do the work with someone by your side.

I am so grateful to the people around me that encouraged me to pursue PROJECT FEEL GOOD. I am so glad they acted as my Personal Trainers and asked the tough questions of me. It feels so good to have successfully put into motion what I feel is a very important part of helping people change their lives.

The next PROJECT FEEL GOOD will begin in September.