Nutrition Is 70% of the Problem and the Solution

If you have real goals but are putting all of your energy and focus into your workout rather than your diet you will not see the results you want. It is imperative that your nutrition be at the center of your plan to reach your goals efficiently and effectively. If you are looking to increase your muscle or reduce your body fat what you put into your body is critical.

Thus far I have essentially said the same thing 3 times…Because it is true and I want you to hear me.

For women, we tend to hold weight in our mid-section, hips, and thighs. We are made to carry babies. This is just biology. One of the most difficult places for a woman to lose weight is in her mid-section; and it is the most dangerous place for women to carry unnecessary weight. The mid-section is mostly dependent on your diet. (When I say diet I mean what you choose to eat.) All the exercise in the world will not reduce your tummy if you do not have a strong grip on what your nutritional needs are.

Men have a similar requirement for losing weight in the mid-section but are fortunate that their bodies want to be lean. Men are traditionally more muscular and produce more testosterone, which assists in the gaining of muscle and losing of fat. But the same goes for you men when it comes to losing that beer belly. Watch what you eat! If you exercise and lift regularly but do not adjust your diet (again, I mean what you choose to eat) your belly will never change. 

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