Organic Is Not The Same As Healthy

I feel like this is a conversation we need to have. Organic is not the same as healthy. I once spoke with a client who told me she had just gone grocery shopping and was so excited because she found organic cookies.

Organic means there were no artificial colors or flavors, pesticides, or un-natural ingredients used in the making of the food. Organic does not mean low fat, low calories, high protein, low sodium, or low sugar. You should notice that fat, protein, calories, sodium, and sugar are all naturally occurring food items. Just because it says organic that does not mean it will help you reach your fat loss goals.

Watch out for buzzwords. Hearing that gluten is bad for some people led my uncle to believe that gluten was something the FDA was adding to food and now it was making everyone sick. Read the entire article people. Or ask thorough questions of someone who has read the entire article.

My mom would sometimes reach for roast beef or a hamburger because she said she needed protein.  Red meat is a fat not a protein. Healthy fat has its role and is important but it is not the same as protein. It has different functions and is processed by your body in a different way. More than likely my mom was right when she said she needed protein but she was wrong in thinking she was getting what she needed from beef.

Ask questions. Read multiple sources of information. Talk to professionals from various fields. An ER doctor is less likely to know about the eating plan required for adding muscle to your body. But a Nutritionist or Personal Trainer is going to have excellent information and resources for you.  This is your body and you have to educate yourself. Know what your goals are and understand who to go to for each need you have. You wouldn’t take your car to the dentist so why trust Twitter for your dietary education?

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