Preparing For The Holidays

As an American my holiday season started at the end of October. First, I have Halloween, then Thanksgiving the end of November, followed by Christmas in December, and then New Year’s Eve.

Most holidays revolve around food. Thanksgiving for example is only about food. I mean friendship and love too but mostly food. There is no religious relevance in Thanksgiving and anyone can participate regardless of where you come from. It is my favorite holiday in a large part because of all of the wonderful eating that takes place. So how do I make sure I can still fit in my clothes when I return to normal life in January?

My plan is to eat very healthy unless it is a holiday. I will do much of my own cooking for the next few months and am not eating out unless it is part of a celebration.

I am cutting out alcohol as much as I can unless it is part of a holiday or celebration.

I am accepting that I may be a kilo heavier the beginning of next year because I want to enjoy my mom’s cooking and I want to taste the food I look forward to every year.

 I will do my best to walk as much as possible. That is something I can do anywhere without equipment and regardless of how my pants fit at any given moment. I hope to use the family dogs as an excuse to get outside and throw the ball or walk them around.

I will carry a water bottle with me in the airports and cars along my travels and will stay far away from sugar and sugary drinks, ie. Starbucks.

I will take small servings and politely turn away seconds on foods I am not absolutely in love with.

Concentrated family time can be stressful and by preparing for it maybe I will not feel the need to eat my emotions. Maybe by accepting and planning to be overwhelmed, under rested, and overfed that will make it easier to move through the next few months.

 Regardless of how things turn out I plan to embrace January with new fitness goals, challenging recipes, and a dedication to being rested more often than not.

But most importantly remember this during the's all temporary!