Running Will Not Help You Lose Fat

Many people start running in order to lose weight. It doesn’t require a membership, special equipment, or a human being watching you struggle. The problem is that running is one of the least efficient ways to lose fat. While your heart will get great exercise, you will sleep better, and you will have more energy your goals for fat loss will be out of reach forever.  Some people see minor weight loss in the beginning but any substantial or permanent loss is unlikely.

To lose Body Fat, and I mean lose it for good, you need to change your metabolism and increase your muscle mass. Teach your body to burn calories all day long and encourage your body to shed the unwanted fat. Strength training is the most effective and efficient way to lose Body Fat. You can still run. It is great for the heart and mind. But if your goal is losing inches you need to change your eating habits and build muscle. (Please note that I have said this twice in this paragraph. That is how important it is.)

Running can be fun, free, and relaxing but if you want to be slimmer and firmer you will be running forever. Work with weights and strength training and you will see real results within a month!