The Good/Only Reasons for Trying a Fast or Cleanse.

Fasts and cleanses have been around for centuries. They can be a very healthy way to reset, recharge, or take a break. It is important that fasts and cleanses never be for weight loss. Setting your intentions of a fast or cleanse can be as important as the act itself. While many will result in some degree of weight loss it will most likely be water weight, it will definitely be temporary, and if you are not considerate of these results it will backfire with a vengeance.

Fasts are a great way to reset your taste buds. If you are someone who always craves sugar or something salty at night a fast may assist with diminishing or eliminating these unnecessary cravings.  Fasts also give your digestive tract a chance to take a break. If you suffer from mild discomfort in this area of your body a fast will give those cells and muscles the chance they to recuperate or replenish. 

A cleanse can be a gentle way of putting good things in and allowing your body the transportation necessary to bring bad things out.

As always: do your research first, ask around, read the entire article or book beforehand, look for natural options only, and if you have any medical issues or concerns talk to your doctor first. 

Meggan Sullivan