You Can Not Spot Train

Spot training is the idea that you can cause weight loss or muscle definition in one area without affecting other parts of the body. This myth is particularly persistent because everyone wants it to be true.

I want a flat stomach, but you want smaller hips, and he wants bigger biceps.  Unfortunately, results and success from exercise do not come from the wish list you write. You cannot spot train. You have to train everything and look for the best.

I tend to lose weight in my chest first, which is not ideal for a woman. And I tend to lose it in my arms last, also not ideal. So for me to get down to a body fat % where my arms look great, according to me, I have to lose my chest completely and my face ends up looking very gaunt and sickly.  Since I know this about my body I have to make choices about what is important for my health and self-esteem.

You cannot work just one area and expect any kind of change. It is essential to train all over and work your entire body for the greater good.   

 I choose to have a slightly below average body fat percentage, keep an average chest, and accept that my arms are not going to look like Michelle Obama’s.

Know what your body type is and learn to embrace it. If you are a pear shape you should realistically hope and work towards being a stronger, tighter, smaller pear….but still a pear.

Meggan Sullivan