Practice Makes Better...Not Perfect

It bothers me so much when social media sets these expectations of perfection and I cannot live up to them. When fit girls, the weight loss gurus, and personal trainers all show off these great abs and arms I feel jealous. They make food prep and eating healthy sound so simple. But I know they had to work for these bodies and healthy habits. We just never see it.

I am guilty of perpetuating this myth as well. I only post photos of myself when I have make up on or feel fit. I only post photos that have been edited or adjusted to look just right. I show the before & after photos instead of the during photos.

When people say things like “She’s so fit, she doesn’t have to worry about what she eats.” It is so unfair. That ‘fit girl’ has likely been working hard to become fit or fighting to stay fit. And that fit woman probably doesn’t wake up in the morning saying “I’m so glad I look perfect. I can just enjoy my day now full of confidence.”

When people say “Look how easy it is for her to do food prep.” That woman has spent 2 hours in the kitchen chopping and stirring and another hour on her feet cleaning. She doesn’t just snap her fingers and have portioned food in the fridge. She has worked for that tower of Tupperware.

When people say “I wish I could lose the weight that fast.” it means you don’t see the multiple diet attempts before she dropped the 2 dress sizes. They don’t show you the days of crying and binge eating. The hours spent obsessing about food and exercise are edited out.

So let’s show the process. I don’t want to only post perfect photos and only show how everything looks once it’s shined up. I don’t want to follow people on social media who already have it figured out. I don’t’ want to only like photos of people not failing. It is time we stopped assuming we have the only imperfections on the planet.

If we were all a little more honest and vulnerable with the world and with ourselves I think we would all feel more peace, more community, and less pressure. No one is perfect and certainly no one feels perfect.