What Language Are You Speaking?!

Living in a different country means I often find myself surrounded by languages I don’t know, accents I struggle to understand, and cultural traditions I have never heard of. Loving someone from another country also sometimes means there are things I don’t understand. When I learned about the 5 Love Languages it felt like the opportunity to make sure that Alex and I were speaking the exact same dialect. It felt like a chance to understand each other fully. The 5 Love Languages is this theory that everyone receives and gives love in different ways, 5 ways to be exact; Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Quality Time.

By learning what my love language is I am able to explain and specify the ways in which Alex can make me feel love. And why some ways have the opposite effect on me, despite his wonderful intentions. And by learning Alex’s love language I now know that I need to express love in ways I would not normally, because that is what he needs. This understanding between us makes space for creativity and patience. Even if Alex is not speaking my language I can still appreciate the effort he is making, and that allows me to receive love I might have otherwise missed.

After practicing the Love Languages with Alex I started thinking about other relationships where I could use this new language. I talked to my brothers, my mom, and my best friends. Knowing their love language and them knowing mine makes me feel more confident that the things I do and say are being received properly. I feel more confident that they are all feeling the love that I am trying to give.

The Love Languages are about making sure your cup is full. When we feel like we have a full cup, when we feel full of love, we are kinder, more joyful, more loving to others, and just feel good. By helping to fill another’s cup we will start a cycle of love, and hopefully, feel loved in return.

Please join us in February and learn to speak the 5 Love Languages. This will be a fun and informative group activity that I hope will change your relationships as it has changed mine.