Be You, Always Be You.

Be yourself, whoever that is on any given day. Be yourself and be it completely. Maybe you feel like a different person in the morning before you have had your coffee, then be her completely. Maybe you are a different person when in a new place or with new people, more quiet than usual, then be her completely.

When I was growing up I knew it was important to ‘find myself’ and to ‘be true to myself’ but I didn’t actually know who I was in middle school or high school. I fretted about what to do in the meantime. So I focused on fitting-in in the meantime. And that, as it turns out, was a huge waste of time. What I wish I had done was try on different me’s and see what felt right, I wish I had found a way to belong, rather than fit-in.

I like to think that I have an understanding of who I am now, in my late 30’s, but some days I don’t know. What I think is important to remember is all of these people, morning Meggan, tired Meggan, excited Meggan, anxious Meggan are all me. All of those mood swings and hormone changes throughout life made me think something was wrong and unlike me but they were me.

I would like to go back and tell my younger selves to embrace the changes and variations of my personality. To not fight the anxiety, the sleep deprivation, morning time, or excitement would have made middle school Meggan and high school Meggan much calmer. I imagine Meggan of those years would have ‘found herself’ sooner. I like to think that by embracing all of the parts of me earlier in my life would have given me peace before I turned 30. I could have been spending this entire time appreciating each moment for its adventure and surprise.

So be you, whoever that is at any time, be you. Be all the yous.