Well This Explains a Lot

I listened to another life changing podcast recently. It was an interview with two healers. They have different techniques but similar ideas about the connection between the mind and the body. What I remember most about this episode is what I’m writing about. It might seem far-out but stay with me; I think everyone will find this interesting and useful.

First of all, they both talk about how emotions are energy. And emotions need to be expressed. If emotions are not expressed they will become trapped in your body and can cause health problems.  Emotions can be expressed via movement such as dancing or exercise, sound such as screaming, singing, crying or talking, and vibration such as gongs, drums, bass, or loud music. The important thing isn’t how you express the emotions but that you do. Any way you feel comfortable doing so express every emotion so as not to trap these energies in the body.

The profound part came next. If you think about how we are made up of our parents DNA, our grandparents DNA, and great grandparents DNA, etcetera, and if energy never goes away but rather changes forms or moves around, then it is possible that you hold energy from these ancestors. Which means it is possible that you hold unexpressed emotions of your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etcetera. Take this notion a step further and this means that it is possible that you are walking around feeling emotions that aren’t actually yours.  BOOM!

I know, mind-blowing. When I heard this I thought “That’s crazy”. But also I thought, “This makes a lot of sense”.  There have been many times in my life when I have not felt like myself. When I have reacted irrationally or couldn’t explain why I felt sad or angry for ‘no reason’. And if you believe this notion and think about how people, especially women, were not encouraged to express themselves generations before then I am sure that my ancestors have a whole bunch of unexpressed emotions that we have been carrying around for years.

Now what do I do with this information? How do I express these emotions and no longer allow them to hurt me or hold me back? My best friend, who is also a healer, suggested this very simple notion. The next time you are meditating ask these emotions, that do not belong to you, to leave. Thank them for whatever role they have played and ask them to leave. Kindly let them know that you will not be owning them anymore and they must move on. Ask without judgement, with patience, and with kindness.

This all sounded very weird to me too but it also makes sense. By speaking these words, listening to tonal music, and by exercising regularly I am giving these unexpressed emotions a vehicle to move on. To no longer impact me, because they are not mine to bear.

I realize that all of this may be too far fetched for you right now. I realize that this kind of information may be hard to believe. And maybe it is all bullshit. But the next time you don’t feel like yourself or you feel irrational or unhappy for no reason, give it a try. This is not drugs or medicine, there are no side effects, and what do you have to lose? If feeling better is something you like to work on why not take these steps and see what happens?