How to Pursue Your Dreams: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever been to see a person speak and while they say things you already know, but for some reason, this time it all clicks. This time you actually hear what they are saying and it means something to you. Maybe you feel compelled to write it down or commit it to memory because something about this time makes it really important. I think that is how most of us felt when we heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak in Utrecht this September.

Her talk was mostly about how to be creative, how to get out of your own way, and how to fulfill your dreams. She did a wonderful job of simplifying the strategy. So here it is, from what I heard at The School of Life presentation of Liz Gilbert sharing stories, personal experiences, and wisdom. Even though I paid EUR 39 to hear it, I will share it with you for free. Because the more empowered, relaxed, and satisfied we all are the happier a world we get to live in.

·         Make time

o   If you have time to watch a movie or go on vacation you have time to pursue your dream.

·         Find a mentor

o   Find someone who appears to have the life you want and watch them, be close to them. Social media makes this very easy these days.

·         Inhabit relaxed

o   Practice feeling and being relaxed

o   The most relaxed person in the room is the one with the most power

·         Identify your priorities

o   What is truly important to you?

·         Make boundaries

o   Draw a circle around your priorities and protect them

o   This means saying “No” to things you do not care about

o   It also means saying “No” to things you do care about but that are not priorities

·         Believe in something that is higher or more powerful than you

o   This will allow you to let go

o   Have faith that the world will keep spinning after you let go

o   Know that it’s all gonna be alright

·         Your full time job is managing your health care

o   Everyone’s should be

·         What is your best time of day?

o   Give those couple hours to you and give everyone else the crappy ones

I understand that these guidelines are simple but not necessarily easy. They might require some reflection and true introspection. But get started. It is never too late to pursue your dreams, and if not for you, show the young people- it is never too late.