Little (c)reativity Creates Big (C)hange

I recently listened to an episode of the Goop podcast. This was a conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love.  They talked about creativity as a path to change.  Elizabeth calls it doing little c to make big C. I went back and re-listened to this podcast. I found so many helpful tips and ideas for managing some big emotions. I highly recommend giving this a listen but if you don’t, here are some highlights I most appreciated.

·         Fear’s job is to stop you from doing things when the outcome is not clear. Accept and understand fear’s purpose in nature.

·         Invite fear to sit with you. Once you acknowledge it and allow it to stay and comfort it, you will see loses most of its power.

·         Creativity can be anything that you make. Cutting out pictures, painting, writing, baking, growth, teaching, relationships, and laughter.  

·         Grief requires creativity to figure out how to move forward without the person.

·         Give people a chance to comfort you. If you’re in pain, tell people, tell all the people.

·         The best and first way to help someone, including yourself, who is in despair is to love them like a mother. Offer comfort, kindness, and assurance that everything will be ok.  

·          Tell the truth.

·         Truth has legs. It’s the only thing that will remain standing in the room when everything else has blown up.  And since we’re going to end up there anyway, why don’t we start there?

·         The antidote to shame is empathy.

·         Coaching energy comes after the mothering stage. People have to be ready for the coaching; they have to feel loved before they can receive advice.

What I heard most from this conversation was that creativity allows the space for change. It comes from a different part of your brain and heart. Creativity takes you out of habits, patterns and obsessive thoughts. By engaging in any creative activity or endeavor you will find solutions, love, patience, relief, and friendships. Whether these things are found within you or others they will be found by taking a step to the side and seeing what you can create.  


- Meggan