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What if We Didn't Continuously Grow?

You are not a machine. I feel like we need to be reminded of this, and I feel like some companies need to be reminded as well. I heard a podcast recently and the guy was talking about the way companies are constantly talking about growth and earnings. My boyfriend’s company announced % of growth over the next 4 years. The next 4 years?! If I worked there I would be exhausted already. How can companies continuously talk about growth and continue to expect employees to deliver?

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Be You, Always Be You.

Be yourself, whoever that is on any given day. Be yourself and be it completely. Maybe you feel like a different person in the morning before you have had your coffee, and then be her completely. Maybe you are a different person when in a new place or with new people, more quiet than usual, then be her completely.

When I was growing up…

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If you have seen PROJECT FEEL GOOD advertised but do not feel ready to devote 6 weeks I now have individual workshops for you.

Do you have a space, or many spaces, that you would like to see organized? Maybe too much stuff or no idea what is in that closet? Many times we don’t even know where to begin. Start with a PFG workshop, Feel Good in Your Space. Often times when we feel confused and out of control an organized home or workspace will make room for clarity and strength. Let’s get you the tools and processes for methodically organizing your space.

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