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Be You, Always Be You.

Be yourself, whoever that is on any given day. Be yourself and be it completely. Maybe you feel like a different person in the morning before you have had your coffee, and then be her completely. Maybe you are a different person when in a new place or with new people, more quiet than usual, then be her completely.

When I was growing up…

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Practice Makes Better...Not Perfect

It bothers me so much when social media sets these expectations of perfection and I cannot live up to them. When fit girls, the weight loss gurus, and personal trainers all show off these great abs and arms I feel jealous. They make food prep and eating healthy sound so simple. But I know they had to work for these bodies and healthy habits. We just never see it.

I am guilty of perpetuating this myth as well. I only post photos of myself when I have make up on or feel fit. I only post photos that have been edited or adjusted to look just right. I show the before & after photos instead of the during photos.

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