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What if We Didn't Continuously Grow?

You are not a machine. I feel like we need to be reminded of this, and I feel like some companies need to be reminded as well. I heard a podcast recently and the guy was talking about the way companies are constantly talking about growth and earnings. My boyfriend’s company announced % of growth over the next 4 years. The next 4 years?! If I worked there I would be exhausted already. How can companies continuously talk about growth and continue to expect employees to deliver?

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What Language Are You Speaking?!

Living in a different country means I often find myself surrounded by languages I don’t know, accents I struggle to understand, and cultural traditions I have never heard of. Loving someone from another country also sometimes means there are things I don’t understand. When I learned about the 5 Love Languages it felt like the opportunity to make sure that Alex and I were speaking the exact same dialect. It felt like a chance to understand each other fully.  The 5 Love Languages is this theory that everyone receives and gives love in different ways, 5 ways to be exact; Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Quality Time.

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Is it just me or was October a bitch?

The entire month my subconscious was processing something. I had trouble sleeping, trouble eating, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty getting motivated. I was sad, irritable, anxious, insecure, and had no appetite.  I had been feeling really good before October so all of these emotions came as a double shock. I hadn’t felt this insecure or anxious since my 20’s. I thought I was past all of that. Poor Alex, my partner, was trying to be as supportive and patient as possible but crying almost daily combined with the inability to make the simplest decision did not bring out my most attractive self.

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