Results are something that potential clients like to see in order to be sure that a trainer knows what they are doing. Here are some beloved clients that were willing to have their imperfect photos and unique stories posted on the internet.

Valerie C. 

My name is Valerie and before working with Meggan I use to weigh 320 pounds. I am a mother of 4 and I know how hard it is to lose weight. The best piece of advice that I can give anyone is to never stop trying. We all have our ups and downs on the scale and that is ok, only never stay down. Always get back up there is only one you and you are special so act like it.


Judy & Chet S. 

We decided to work with a personal trainer for both the expertise and the accountability that a good coach/trainer provides.  As aging adults we realize that getting and/or staying in good physical health is of paramount importance to maintain an excellent quality of life. Meggan was a truly terrific coach/trainer.  She is knowledgeable, professional, and personable.  She provided that much needed accountability combined with her significant expertise, plus she was a joy to work with. We became stronger, fitter, and more disciplined in our approach to an ongoing exercise program. We would most strongly recommend Meggan to anyone considering engaging a personal trainer. 


Keely K.

 It was after coming to know Meggan in the gym that I sought her out to see if she had any interest in working for and with me at my physical therapy clinic.  It was the best decision I could have made.  Having her experience as a personal trainer and her ability to adapt her knowledge to the physical therapy setting was only part of her professional expertise. You can be rest assured she will work to her fullest capabilities with a smile on her face and an extremely sunny disposition. I would rehire Meggan Sullivan without question and she has been informed that she will always have a job should she ever choose to move back to the Pacific Northwest.


Yvonne R. 

I have been so empowered by Personal Trainer Meggan Sullivan, that I wanted to express my gratitude for the services she has rendered. I now know how to perform certain stretching activities as well as various physical workouts on the machines and other apparatus. She demonstrated use of equipment and activities with great professionalism and the gentleness needed, for a senior citizen to perform each assigned task. Meggan is a great teacher who knows how to meet clients where they are; bringing them to the place where she expects them to be successful. She never pressured me; allowing me to make better choices by the example she has set for herself, and on my timetable. As a result, I do more of the activities at home; I’ve decreased food portions and began making vegetable, fruit, nuts and a variety of smoothies. She also empowered me with a new way to walk, which I practice often. I do plan to visit the gym more often in order to maintain all I’ve learned from Meggan, an excellent personal trainer. I thank God for my empowerment of a healthier lifestyle.


Lauri M. 

I am almost 50 years old and was 206 pounds when I joined the gym where Meggan accepts clients. I hold a full time job and have very little interest in cooking so becoming healthy is a huge challenge. Fortunately when I looked into hiring a personal trainer I found Meggan. Meggan Sullivan combines professionalism with a personal touch that is vital in producing success for her clients. I have some unusual physical challenges that many people would be reluctant to take on since I have a birth defect known as Cerebral Palsy. However, Meggan has not only accepted the challenges I have but has listened to and worked with me to overcome them. She has a broad range of ideas and is open minded in finding ways to make workouts effective and upbeat which is vital in keeping a client involved and motivated as well as adapting exercises to fit what works for me. In 6 months I have not only lost 32 pounds and more than 6 inches overall but I have increased my range of motion, anddecreased my body fat percentage by over 5%. Meggan is conscientious in keeping up her certifications and has a broad range of areas of expertise to draw on for ideas. I highly recommend Meggan for any of your personal training needs and hope you enjoy the same amazing experience that I have had


Billy H.

 To my fellow health enthusiasts, 
  First let me introduce myself, my name is Billy and I was blessed to meet Meggan in the summer of 2012 when I was going through a divorce, had stopped eating, and was obsessed with the stair stepper and elliptical machines. In one years’ time I had lost over a hundred pounds. I then gained back 40 or so of that. That’s when I met Meggan.

She helped me so much with positive motivation. And she taught me proper form and techniques. Not just lifting weights but stretching too.  She helped me with my diet and introduced me to clean eating. She held me accountable not only for what I ate but also how many times I ate. I, like a lot of people, skipped meals. Within the first 5 minutes of our time together she would ask what have I eaten and what was the last food that I bought. 

 I worked with Meggan for two plus years, before she moved to Europe. In that time not only did she help get me in my best shape since high school, she also had me run on one of our first workouts. Who would have thought I was a runner at 52! Nine months later I ran my first 15k . I am now a very active runner. If you have a chance to work with Meggan Sullivan as your personal trainer you will have a great asset to reach your health goals. Even better, she will be the best advocate and friend you could ever have. Billy Hyder ( you can find me on FB  ) look for the runner :)