I am available for one-on-one personal training, life coaching, customized wellness events for the workplace, nutritional guidance, public speaking engagements, remote consultations, and Project Feel Good for those serious about making changes. 

One-on-One Personal Training

Located at Basic Fit Ladies on Europaboulevard and Basic Fit on AJ Ernststraat in Amsterdam Zuid or in your home/office.

EUR 50 per session

Tuesday- Saturday
When you need accountability or have no idea what you are doing one-on-one sessions give you the power to use the session as you need. We can work out 4 days a week or 1x per month depending on your comfort level and budget. Each session is about an hour and I am available to you in between sessions for any questions, struggles, encouragement, or support. 

Life Coaching

EUR 50 per session, 2 session minimum

Tuesday- Saturday
When you have the desire to make a change but are unsure as where to begin. When you need someone to give you unbiased perspective and feedback. This is not therapy but rather a form of coaching for career, relationships, life, and love. These sessions are about an hour and can be via phone or virtual meeting. I am also available to my clients in between sessions via email or chat. 


EUR 25 for individual workshops

Dates and times vary by project

Choose 1 workshop at a time to Feel Good about your Body, Mind, Space, Career, or Sleep.

We meet as a small group in Amsterdam Zuid for about 2 hours.

Click the PROJECT FEEL GOOD page for more information about each workshop.


Public Speaking Engagements

Monday - Friday
For young people or adults I can discuss any topic appropriate for your event or gathering. We can tackle exercise tips, nutritional guidelines, or general health and wellness. 

Nutritional Guidance 

EUR 25 per week

via email and chat  

If you know what to do at the gym but need help with what you're eating and when, this is for you. We will work on creating new habits and making permanent changes to your routines.

Customized Wellness Events 

Monday - Friday
This is great if your workplace needs something new for wellness week, or a way to make your work environment more healthy. We will work together to come up with a program, games, mini PT sessions, or a lecture appropriate for your workplace. These events are customizable so contact me to discuss the details.